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If you need bail bonds in San Antonio, Texas, we are here to help. The Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez will guide you through the process and make it much easier on you. You will be treated with courtesy and respect.

Call us now 210-816-2245 and we will arrange immediate posting of a bail bond for you and provide an experienced aggressive criminal defense. We will guide you through the entire bail bonds process and answer of your questions related to bail or criminal defense.

Our office is located within walking distance of the Bexar County jail; also known as the Bexar County detention center. Our service area consists of all of Bexar County.

We write criminal bail bonds and provide criminal defense in San Antonio. You can pay your bail bonds by credit card or on the telephone. For immediate release please call 210-224-5245 we never close and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer professional and confidential advise that results in immediate release.

In order to serve you in the best way possible please bring the following information with you to our office. This will help us expedite the bail bond process much more quickly.

Identification of both you and the person being bailed out.

Premium in the amount requested over the phone.

Such documents that may be required to establish the bond. IE mortgage statement or motor vehicle title.

The purpose of a bail bond is to ensure the appearance of a criminal defendant in a court, and this is why it’s important that you understand how the bail process works in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. 


How Bail Bonds Work


When a person is charged with a crime they have the option of posting bail. The bond amount is set by the Court according to the charges. The cost of the bond is 10% of the total bond amount. The Bail Bonding Company will require some form of guarantee,  or collateral to assure the client's appearance in Court.

The collateral requirements may vary according to the charges, and individual circumstances. Once the client complies with all the conditions of the bail contract, the bond is discharged and all collateral is returned to the depositor. Bail Bonds are like a specialized loan. As such we are sometimes required to have a guarantee on the loan/bond. We accept many different kinds of collateral.

Typically most bonds only require a signature as collateral.

Larger bonds: The most common kind is a home  or piece of land. In some cases, we can accept a portion of the bond in cash or credit.

Court Dates


The defendant is required to attend all hearings as ordered by the Court until the case is closed. If there are multiple cases, which happens frequently, each case number might have separate dates. It is the defendant's responsibility to be aware of any scheduled court appearances, and to notify the Clerk of the Courts of any address changes.

By contracting with Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez, you will only need a portion of what your total bail amount would be and we have many financial options available to suit each individual’s needs.  We also help the defendant through each step of the process to make the bail process as easy to understand and as quickly as possible. As part of the contract we will represent you and protect your rights when its time for your court date.

We handle all types criminal cases and bail bonds including: Felony Bail Bonds, Misdemeanor Bail Bonds, Robbery Bail Bonds, Marijuana/Drug Bail Bonds, Assault Bail Bonds, Battery Bail Bonds, Burglary Bail Bonds, Domestic Violence/Spousal Abuse Bail Bonds, Federal Bail Bonds, Immigration Bail Bond, and many other types of crimes requiring a bail bond. 

We want to help you during this stressful time, and our highly skilled staff holds confidentiality standards to the highest degree.  Give us a call today so we can begin the bail process as quickly as possible.  We a the closest attorney/bondsmen to the Bexar County Jail.  We have understanding and compassion, no matter what the defendant’s particular situation is.  In short, we care.

If you have not been arrested yet but expect to be charged with a crime, we can assist you in arranging bail before you turn yourself in.  In most cases,  making these arrangements ahead of time can be as simple as booking and release.

When you call, you can expect us to explain the bail bonding process thoroughly to you so we can guide you through the paperwork and arrange bail and write the bond.  We understand that upon making the call, you may not know what to say or what questions to ask.  Our staff is well trained in answering your questions, and helping you get the bonding process started.  We are committed to providing you with all the information you need to getting someone out of jail as quickly ass possible.


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