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Help For Warrants in Bexar County.

    If you believe you have a warrant, its important to find this out. Getting arrested at the wrong time can be very embarrassing.

    If you have not been arrested yet but expect to be charged with a crime, we can assist you in arranging bail before you turn yourself in.  In most cases,  making these arrangements ahead of time can be as simple as booking and release. Using the Bexar County jail satellite office, you may be able to turn yourself in without spending hours in jail. If you believe you have a warrant due to an newly filed case in Bexar County, you can conduct an online court records search to find out the current status. If you believe you have a warrant for a traffic citation, Municipal Court has set up an online search as well. 

    To find out if you have a warrant, just call our office and we can obtain any information on an outstanding warrant you may have.

Free Warrant Checks are available

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