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    There are different types of bail bonds available in San Antonio, Texas.

Different Bail Bond types include: Surety Bail Bonds, Cash Bail Bonds, PR Bonds, and No Bond or Remanded without bond.

    We handle all types criminal cases and bail bonds including: Felony, Misdemeanor, Robbery, Marijuana/Drugs, Assault, Battery, Burglary, Domestic Violence/Spousal Abuse, and many other types of crimes. 

    Typically a judge will set a bail bond depending on the type of case that it is. For most cases, a magistrate judge will set the bail bond amount. For motions to revoke, a person may be remanded without a bail bond. In these circumstances, a judge must be approached in order to request that a bail bond be set. Other times, a judge may issue a personal recognizance bond just based on a person’s signature. Under these circumstances, no money is paid and the person is released based on their promise to appear in court.

When a cash bond is set, release will only be granted upon paying the full amount.